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10 August 2014


2 male Palawan porcupine were brought to Katala Institute for Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation (KIEBC) in Narra, Palawan. The animals were poached in Palawan and confiscated in Manila by DENR. The funds for the porcupine enclosure in KIEBC have been provided by ZGAP.

11 September 2013

DEMAALA STANDS STRONG FOR CLEAN ENERGY  - a blog entry of Loro Parque Fundacion

In the face of a proposed development for a coal-fired power-plant in the Municipality of Narra, Palawan, Philippines, on 30th August the Mayoress, Lucena Diaz Demaala, publicly confirmed to the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development that the proposal would never get an endorsement from Narra and she advised the proponent, the DMCI Power Corporation to look for another local government unit that could host the project. The power-plant would have been constructed only one kilometre away from the Rasa Island Wildlife Sanctuary, which holds 25% of the world’s population of approximately 1,000 birds of the endemic and critically endangered Philippine Cockatoo. http://blog.loroparque.com/en/demaala-stands-strong-for-clean-energy/

02 August 2013


Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) on its August 2, 2013 regular meeting has voted "temporary" approval for the 15MW coal-fired power plant in Palawan with condition to relocate the site away from the flight path of the Philippine Cockatoo. The council further ruled that proponent must secure the needed endorsements from the municipal and provincial councils.

18 June 2013


The province’s municipal council of Narra has opposed the construction of a 15-megawatt coal-fired power plant in Barangay Panacan by DMCI Power Corporation, a subsidiary of the Consunji-led DMCI Holdings Inc.

In a three-page resolution, Narra’s Sangguniang Bayan says the council is against the project because it could threaten the environment, harm the already critically endangered Philippine cockatoo, pose health hazard to residents and cause them anxiety.

17 June 2013


A resolution opposing/ denying the endorsement of the construction and operation of coal-fired power plant of DMCI Power Corporation at Purok Uliran, Barangay Panacan, Narra, Palawan

06 June 2013

PHILIPPINE COCKATOO'S LAST REFUGE IN PERIL - by Kim Arveen Patria, Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom 

About a quarter of the world's last 1,000 Philippine cockatoos can be found in Palawan's Rasa Island. Residents fear that the birds may be affect by a planned coal-fired power plant in the area. 

29 May 2013

ENDANGERED COCKATOO AMID A STORM - by Redempto Anda, Philippine Daily Inquirer

Biologist Peter Widmann and his conservation group the Katala Foundation Inc. (KFI) has added their voice to the chorus of groups opposing the  construction of a coal-fired power plant in Rasa Island in Narra town, two hours south of Puerto Princesa City, saying the facility would pose dangers to the habitat of the nearly extinct Katala, local name of the Palawan cockatoo.  

07 May 2013


PUERTO PRINCESA CITY – Nearly 70,000 signatures here and abroad have been gathered petitioning the Chair of the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, Gov. Abraham Kahlil Mitra, to revert its decision against the proposal of the construction and operation of the DMCI coal power plant in Panacan, Narra, Palawan, Philippines. Most of the signatories are from people showing a sincere concern for Palawan and who are actual or potential visitors to this Province. The construction of the coal plant could severely damage the so far well-maintained image of Palawan as last ecological frontier and one of the most desirable ecotourism destinations.


Click here to view the Invitation to a Press Conference "No to Coal Plant in Panacan" organized by Katala Foundation, Inc. on 08 May 2013.


Click here to see photos. Thanks to "Clean Energy for Palawan" Facebook.

Why sign the petition?

There can never be sustainability with coal-fired power plants. Take it from our own experience here in Pulupandan of Negros Occidental where we had been rained and spewed with particulate matters, coal fines, obnoxious and acidic smoke from the smokestack of a coal-fired alcohol distillery in our town. Our plants and trees were affected due to wilting and searing of the leaves when hit by acid mists from the distillery. Our homes are dirty of dusts, fly ash and coal fines rotting our nipa roofs and rapidly corroding metal roofs and other metal fixtures inside and outside or homes. Chronic cough and obstructive respiratory diseases are experienced during periods when the pollution from the distillery falls toward our place. Our drinking wells, canal waters and coastal waters when sampled for an EIA of the proposed 50-MW coal-fired power plant in 2000 showed that our waters were contaminated by heavy metals of lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and mercury in levels beyond the allowable levels set by the DENR. These heavy metals are naturally present in coal and coal ash from the said distillery were ones dumped around town for filling some of our low-lying and flood-prone areas. In 1999 to 2001, we had a long battle to stop the 50-MW coal-fired power plant proposed by the Central Negros Power Corporation. With our own experience from a 4-MW coal-fired power plant of an alcohol distillery in our midst, we opposed, get ourselves informed and educate the people in our communities, get ourselves united and we were able to stop the CNPC 50-MW coal-fired power plant. The Palawanons can do the same. Do not accept this project. - Ella Jacildo Pulupandan, Negros Occ., Philippines

February 2013

PALAWAN COUNCIL FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: STOP THE COAL PLANT NEAR RASA ISLAND WILDLIFE SANCTUARY! - Rasa Island in southern Palawan is the last stronghold for the critically endangered Philippine Cockatoo, but maybe its days are counted! This is a petition to the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development to withdraw the issuance of the SEP clearance for the construction and operation of a 15 MW coal-fired Power Plant by DMCI Power Corporation near Rasa Island.

Please help us, sign the petition and share to your network.

Special thanks to our generous sponsors and adopters.

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